First Year

What is MinecraftU?

MinecraftU is the first year of the four year CraftingU program. Students play the game Minecraft using a modification to the game that allows students to program computers and robots (called turtles) in the game. It is self-paced, and students are taught skills as they are needed. Rather than teach students facts and figures, they are instead empowered to find the information they need through the program.

How does it work?

Students play the game like they would any other game, and are facilitated by trained teachers.

Currently, students work their way through five Curriculum worlds, using the knowledge gained there to change the way they play Minecraft in their own worlds.

Teachers, on the other hand, act as facilitators and managers, ensuring that students can demonstrate the skills they have learned without having to know anything about programming themselves.

What do kids learn?

The early skills students learn are universal. They will gain increased digital awareness, greater problem solving skills, and greater resilience to problem solving difficulties, which programmers call grit.

As the program progresses, students learn the programming language JavaScript in the pursuit of an industry recognized Certification.

At first, students learn the basics of Programming: if/then statements, beginning and ending a program, and troubleshooting.

In the second world, students tackle advanced programming concepts like loops and conditional statements.

Here, students begin writing programs that interact with the digital world directly using in-game robots, called turtles.

Here, students learn advanced techniques such as using multiple robots to solve a single problem.

Here, students play the game Minecraft ENTIRELY using robots and programs they have written.

How can you get started?

As a teacher, you can advocate to bring this program to your school by filling out our contact form. If you already have this program at your school and want to be more involved, please let us know in the contact form.

As a parent, you can sign your child up by filling out our contact form. If your child’s school doesn’t offer this program, please fill out the contact form and let us know if you’re intrested in bringing it to your child’s school.

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