Get Started

What's First?

Getting started with Crafting U is a breeze!  Whether you see a course that would fit your students on our Current Offerings page or there’s something new you’d like to teach remotely, just pick up the phone or shoot us an email.   Once you’re ready, our curriculum can be deployed to any number of students instantly!

How Does It Work?

Once you’ve decided to contract Crafting U, we will meet to discuss the specific needs of your school, district, or individual student.  We will design and deploy a curriculum custom-tailored to the needs of your students.  Once that curriculum is deployed, we will work in tandem with the teacher, school, and district to monitor the progress of students and ensure that each student is successful.

What Do Students Do?

Crafting U empowers students to learn for themselves.  They’re given the resources and tools needed to complete specific goals largely without outside interference.  When they’re stuck, Crafting U provides a subject-matter expert to help them work through it.  

What Do Teachers Do?

In the Crafting U model, teachers serve as administrators and facilitators.  All content, grading, and subject-matter assistance is handled by us, leaving teachers free to focus on encouraging students and ensuring fidelity as they make progression on their own.

What can Crafting U do for me?

Crafting U wants to make it easier for you to transition to digital learning.  At Crafting U, we’ve spent nearly five years perfecting the art of teaching remotely, and we’d like to bring that expertise to you!

Crafting U employs experienced teachers, technologists, and subject-matter experts to connect your students to the entire world of skills and knowledge available to them.  Your school can teach anything, and we will provide the curriculum, projects, and expert input your students need – virtually! 

Before you begin cutting programs you’re unsure how to keep available, reach out to us! We have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to keep you operating as close to normal as possible.

How can you get started?

If you’re a teacher or an administrator, drop us a line and tell us what courses you’d like to see taught remotely at your school!

As a parent, you can sign your child up by filling out our contact form. If you’re making the transition to home learning, Crafting U can help!