What is Crafting U?

And how can we help you?

Crafting U Makes Virtual Learning Easy!

Digital Content Mastery

Crafting U has spent years mastering the art of digital content delivery. Through a combination of created and curated content, we bring the best parts of the internet directly to our students.

Project-Based Learning

Our students always work with a goal in mind.  Each unit is based on a project, and all curriculum is directly related to the problem they’re trying to solve. 

Experts On Call

Crafting U provides subject-matter experts for each supported course.  Unclear on an explanation? Stuck on a stubborn project? Call in the experts!

Gamification Is Our Goal

At Crafting U, we put engagement first by placing gameplay and creativity at the center of each project.  

Some courses, such as our Computer Programming line, are built directly into the game Minecraft. By building into a game students already want to play, we ensure each student has a personal interest in their own learning outcomes.

Others, such as Digital Music Production, use student creativity as a tool for both engagement and growth.  As students gain new skills, their final product reflects those skills naturally. 

Our reviews

This program is so easy to manage, and students just love it!
Christina G.
Instructional Technologist
Helping other students work through their problems has done wonders for my son's self-esteem. Thank you Crafting U!
Melissa E.
I didn't know this was what programming was. This is easy!
Alexis G.

How can you get started?

As a teacher or a parent, you can advocate to bring this program to your school by filling out our contact form. If you're interested in our homeschooling options, please indicate so in the Contact Form.